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Bloomin' lovely

The wait is Finally over. 6 months after the shoot I am SO excited to finally be able to show off these images featured in the December issue of Elléments Magazine

It’s an amazing thing seeing your vision come to life, I find there is always a huge mix of emotions on the days leading up to a shoot brainstorming ideas, testing out colour palettes, overly preparing in every way. Working over things like will the photos come out as I had imagined, will the makeup be just right for the lighting/photography, will people like my vision & work, but I have to say I am so so chuffed with these images.

A million thank yous to my amazing photographer Joanna Kustra, model @naimabossi & Flor Valentin for providing the gorgeous array of blooms. Also huge thanks to SPCA Visual Marbella for providing us with an amazing studio space.

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